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redchecker35pxDish Network will install more of the most advanced satellite equipment for FREE than anyone.  

redchecker35pxDish Network has the most advanced equipment.  Like the 922 HD DVR receiver...

Dish Network has more new customers per month than any other company, including DirecTV and Cable.

Better Satellite TV offers many different ways to compare in one place!

We compare every package from Dish Network by:

Alphabetical - Channel Line up of competing packages in Alphabetical

Unique Channels - Channel Line-up revealing instantly what channels are on one package but not another.

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HD Channels - Compare Dish Network HD Channels to DirecTV HD Channels!


If you choose to use Dish network's dual tuner receivers you can cut your monthly receiver lease fee's in half when you plug them into a phone line. That's a savings of $10 a month for a 4 room system or $5 for a 2 room system. DirecTV and Cable TV both charge $5 for EACH ADDITIONAL receiver you add. Cable can add more TV's at no monthly charge however to get full digital service they require a digital box which always means extra fees...except with Dish network's dual tuner receivers. You want full digital service so you know you'll get a clear picture on every channel.

With a dual tuner UHF remote, you can place the TV anywhere!

With a Dish Network dual tuner receiver your given many other great features. One feature as an installer I've seen people enjoy are the UHF remote controls that comes with the dual tuners. In many situations I've been able to place my customers satellite receivers in their basement instead of cluttering their TV's. With the use of radio UHF remote controls, all of the TV's throughout the residence are operated without the limitations of in-fared remote controls. Each remote functions anywhere in the house with the use of UHF signals going through walls down to the receivers in the basement, or wherever they maybe.

Pre-existing wiring with Cable TV or DirecTV is usually sufficient making the installation very simple especially if your crossing over from another service provider. It's as simple as installing the Dish, running some wiring wherever the receivers maybe located together, programming the remotes to your TV's and then your done. The installer will be so happy its easy and quick that he'll take the extra time to make sure your system works perfectly for you.

Which include the full range of Dish Networks service.

Dish Network Dual Tuners

Standard Definition


Standard Definition DVR(Digital Video Recorder)


High Definition


High Definition DVR


High Definition DVR with Sling-box



The Dish Network Digital Video Recorder


The next best thing with Dish Network besides the dual receiver is the dual receiver Digital Video Recorder Player. For a comparison of DVR'S click here. With the Dish TV DVR system many new options become available.

The first thing you'll like is that with a dual Digital Video Recorder you can get a savings of up to $20 a month compared to DirecTV or Cable TV's services when plugged into a phone line.

The second thing you'll like about it is the amazing functionality, there are so many amazing new features you'll wonder how you've ever lived without it before. Like the ability to watch or record up to two channels at the same time. Use remote scheduling to pick and choose which series to automatically record, or scan for moves over the next two weeks to place on the timer. Many new features have been added lately, including everything you ever wanted to do with pay per view.

The Best Digital Video Recorder Reviews go to Dish Network's HD DVR.

No Digital video recorder can do more than Dish Networks new 722 or 921 model HDDVR. Personal opinions of Digital Video Recorder Software from different companies may vary between DirecTV'S model and Dish Network's however the fact is no other receiver has as much capability as the Dish Network HD-DVR.

The best part about it is that while it used to cost extra, for a limited time the 722 HD DVR is free when you join Dish Network. Remember you also can get free HBO, SHO, MAX, $15 dollars off for a year and the DHPP for free.


The benefits of Dish Network are well demonstrated by many who have crossed over.  If you have Cable TV chances are your paying too much.  With thousands crossing over every month from cable there’s very few who are switching from satellite dish TV to CABLE.

With dish tv offers where you can get a free dish, free DVR and totally free installation deals it’s hard to stay and pay cable when there is free dishnetwork equipment.  It’s projected that there will be hundreds of thousands more cross over to order dish network in the next couple years.


The first thing that really sets Dish Net apart is Dish Network Promotions.  This latest one is the lowest ever of the dish tv deals or any other deal ever seen in the television industry.  For $15 a month for the first 6 months plus HBO, SHOTIME free for three months and CINEMAX for a penny a month for up to a year!  This is one of the best dish network deals.  This Dish Network promotion is one of many too hard to beat even with Cable’s TV, phone and internet bundled into one service which still doesn’t come close to saving you the same hundreds of dollars per year with Dishnetwork TV (it’s when you want more channels that you might choose cable).  If you’re into Dish Network Espanol then here are some new developments with the Dish Latino packages.

Most satellite dish deals include a free standard DVR dish tv and most recently they have a plan to include a new HDDVR as an HD receiver.  Both are capable of more than the scope of this article including running two TV’s with DVR capability at the same time and on different channels.  Plug any dual receiver into a active phone line and get a $5 dollar savings on your bill every month even if it’s for 10 years or more (cost estimate).  There are many more options when getting the dish tv dvr than any other company including Directv (directv vs dishnetwork comparison).

Some new products have been added into the dish network such as the pocketdish portable DVR and the Slingbox which enables you to watch whatever is on your satellite dish tv at home.  These aren’t free DVR’s from Dish Network but there are ways to get them cheap.

Dish Network Installation

Dish network satellite installations are of lower cost to you than ever before while technology continues to add value.  HD receivers are becoming the new standard now ever since dish network started converting most of the channel line up into HD.  Now these new receivers are part of the free dish network offer.  Another example is the new dish pro plus plus technology that enables you to combine two cables in one anywhere in between the dish and your satellite receiver.  This makes since in a lot of ways, now dish network installers take less time on his satellite installations running less cable outside to be left vulnerable in a number of ways.  No more worries about the cable, wall plate or anything else from the dish to the satellite-receivers if your house already has cable ran.
Perhaps the satellite dish pointing evolutions are the greatest improvement.  It used to be a lot more difficult to point a satellite dish in just the right direction and lock it down so there wouldn’t be problems.  With better dishes, wire, signal meters and receivers we can leave it behind to worry about other concerns like where to place the remote control.  Many installers leave human error out of the equation and use a signal meter called a bird dog which does a lot of the work for them.  The difference is clear when more jobs get done with less call backs over time with the dish network family of installers

Dish Network Sports - The Red Zone Channel



Dish network has historically been behind DIRECTV in Sports and still is frankly.  However they have become very resilient and are making good progress.  With the launch of the new Red Zone football channel and sports package, Dish Network has been steadily gaining new ground in sports channel availability.

It’s of course no accident that when dish network compared themselves to some of DirecTV’s most popular channel line ups, WHAT DISH NETWORK FOUND LACKING WAS FOOTBALL CHANNELS!  Does the NFL Sunday Ticket ring a bell?

So...what to do?  It was and is time to make available more football channels. The Red Zone IS the answer we’re looking for.  A very successful launch, the Red Zone fulfils Dish Network football fans hunger for sports action.  Here is the important point; it doesn’t cost nearly so much as the NFL Sunday Ticket!

I’ll take a Dish Network meal for $5.99 these days over a big Ticket or NFL Sunday ticket meal for... holy cow $199!  That’s what the cost is when the promotion is up.  It’s only my opinion, but some love football more than others.

The next logical step was to bundle the Red Zone with NBA TV, the NHL Network and 29 sports networks for $5.99 and for many you would call that a deal!

You can get the Red Zone channel included in the Silver Package or higher on Dish Network Channel 155.

  • Dish Deals

    Dish Network Deals

    The best Dish Network Deals are found by comparing packages until you get as many Dish channels to line up in one package as possible.

    That's why we make it as easy to find what your looking for with tools like EZ-TV.

    Its good to start here with ALL Dish Network Channels. If you want more details on a specific package, the best Dish Network Deals are listed in greater detail below

    You will get more FREE DISH NETWORK equipment, channels and service by thinking ahead a little. If you don't have an HD TV for example, but plan on getting one later, or might be a good idea to get that free installation for up to 3 HD TV's, 4 total if you include 1 digital reciever. It will cost you extra to have them come out and upgrade you to an HD receiver and HD satellite dish. That could cost...$125 and up, often more for a HD-DVR early in the contract.

    So get that HD-DVR, 2 HD receivers and 1 standard receiver early in the game when you have some ability to negetiate an awesome free dish network installation!

    By the time a Dish Installation happens at your house, it has cost Dish Network an average of over $800 to pay for everything...

    They get paid back eventually if you keep your service long term. So its in their best interest to keep you happy even after your contract is up, because of all that start up cost they put out to get you started.


  • Dish Network Programming
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    Dish Network Package Deals

    To compare Dish Network with DirecTV to find the best Satellite TV Deal on one web page...go here!

    Dish Network programming packages offers more choices, channels overall than Directv or Cable.

    DirecTV and Cable have advantages, but Dish Network has a lot to offer.  On most packages, you can subtract $5 off the total price if you don't want the local channels.  For example the basic Dish Network Bronze Top 120 Package would then be $19.99 for around 120 channels.  Some people in a great location to recieve digital broadcasts just get their locals free and save the money.  Digital antenna programming is not the best way to go for everyone with a reduction in reception since the digital transition, but nevertheless for million of americans it still remains a great option.

    Once you've found what your looking for whether in seconds or minutes going through our site, if you decide to call one of our toll free numbers and we'll hook you up! Go with a Dish Network offer, Directv deal or Cable, but go through us so you can be one of those customers whose perfectly happy with their service.

    Remember we're more accurate and less biased offering because we do all three Dish Network, DirecTV and Cable TV. Were not your average Dish Network Retailer because of this.

    Get a birds eye view of every Dish Network Package and channels at one time. This makes it easy to find Dish Network Specials to better fit your needs.


    You get some channels free on the Dish Network Programming Guide but you have to pay to get more quality Dish Network channels, but for $15 you can get the local channels solo and for $25 you can probably survive on the 55+ channels provided, although I'm not so sure about myself. The Silver Package is the best in my professional opinion.

    What IS FREE is a good deal of Dish TV equipment when you get started. These days getting the equipment on your own necessary to install your own system with recievers WOULD BE incredibly expensive (around $1000 or more!). Dish Network Specials cover the cost of not just the equipment, but also the installation for up to 3 HD TV's plus 1 digital reciever. To be clear, up to 4 TV'S free, including up to 3 HD receivers. So why not do it!

    How to find a unique channel comparison!

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